General Rules of Conduct

To ensure a peaceful, respectful and positive work environment at The Desk Co-Working there are some general rules of behaviour:

  • Say Hello
  • Respect The Desk Co-Working staff, other members and their boundaries
  • Treat others as you would like to be treated
  • Keep noise levels at a minimum (Make sure to keep you voice level moderate and to use headphones when audio is involved – e.g. during phone/video calls or while listening to music. You can always use a phone booths to have private conversations and not to disturb other members)
  • Keep to the clock (Meaning if you book something for a certain amount of time, also only use it for this amount of time. Other members might have booked it right after you and it wouldn’t be fair to let them wait)
  • Be mindful of the space
  • Keep everything neat and tidy
  • Clean after yourself
  • No meetings in the desk areas (Use the meeting room)
  • No food at the desks (Food attracts ants which can damage your and other members laptops if they get into the devices. Furthermore, other members might be bothered by the food smell)
  • Stay at home if you feel unwell

A continuous disrespect of these rules can lead to a cancellation of the membership. In that case done payments aren’t refundable.